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ITSS By The Numbers: The Systems Team

The ITSS Systems Team ensures access to computing resources for the UMD campus community.

The team provides an accessible and standardized set of system services by utilizing open-architecture and highly-integrated server platforms. They support distributed databases, high-speed computing, distributed printing, and other large-scale services with high-speed access by using a variety of compute servers. They balance security and access to these systems for the UMD campus community.

From January 1 through July 31, 2013, the ITSS Systems Team:

  • managed a virtual server infrastructure with 10 host servers and 198 virtual servers
  • supported three storage area networks (SANs) that provide up to 453 terabytes of data storage
  • managed 70 physical servers, a number that continues to decrease as we virtualize more servers
  • provided 598 print queues and 996 Active Directory groups