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New Active Learning Classroom on Campus

ITSS has installed a new active learning classroom in Humanities 484.

Humanities 484 consists of three round tables (pods) that seat 9 (ability to further divide into smaller tables with groups of 3) with technology (video monitors, laptop connections and audio) at each pod.

What is an Active Learning (Flipped) Classroom?

The intention of active learning classrooms is to move from a traditional, passive, lecture-based model of instruction into an active, collaborative, inquiry-based model. This sort of classroom is inspired by the Scale-Up model (Student-Centered Active Learning Environment with Upside-down Pedagogies) from North Carolina State University. It is also often referred to as a "flipped" classroom. Active learning is a mode of instruction that can be done in traditional classrooms but it can also be enhanced with various levels of technology. A key function of the technology is facilitating and enabling small-group learning with ease of sharing.

Humanities 484 has joined Swenson Science Building 216 in being transformed into the latest pod-type active learning classroom at UMD.

Photo: Active Learning  Classroom
Pod-Type Classroom, Swenson Science Building 216 , (text description of photo)

For further information and a list of active learning rooms and resources, please visit our Web site on Active Learning Classrooms.