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Teaching Online at UMD

Among the ways to learn how to teach online at UMD are not only Tech Camp but also consultations with local IDS and ITSS experts, Twin Cities services, and a Google community group.

As more faculty start teaching online courses at UMD, a question comes up about learning how to teach online. For several years now, Tech Camp has been focused on online teaching, but Tech Camp is not the only option for learning.

LeAne Rutherford and Shelley Smith with IDS are available for consultations as are Amanda Evans and Bruce Reeves with ITSS. In addition, the Twin Cities campus is making some of their services available system wide, and we are working with the Twin Cities to take advantage of this.

A great way to enter the conversation about teaching and learning online at UMD is to come to the Online Community of Practice (CoP) meetings run by the ITSS faculty fellows, Abram Anders and Eve Browning. You may learn more about this CoP by visiting the Faculty for Online and Technology-Enhanced Learning (FOTEL) Google community.