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Voice Systems Upgrades Complete

Upgrades to our phone and voicemail systems fixed bugs, updated software, reconfigured settings, and provides new compatibility and feature enhancements.

Phone System Upgrade

On Wednesday, January 22nd a software update was performed on the UMD phone system by our vendor. The upgrade contained several bug fixes and keeps our system at current software levels for optimal vendor support. There was an undisclosed configuration change in this software that affected our IP phone users. The Call Logger settings on IP phones reverted back to factory defaults, changing the settings to log unanswered calls (we set them to log all calls). It also changed the setting for Call Log Indicator Light to "on" (we set them to "off"). The rationale for leaving the light off is that, when logging all calls, one does not need a visual indication every time a call is complete. You already know it's in your Call Log. If you use this feature and would like instructions on how to change the settings, contact Lynn Gilberg at 8573.

CallPilot Voicemail System Upgrade

On Thursday, January 23rd a software update was performed on the UMD CallPilot voicemail system. This update will provide new compatibility with Internet Explorer 10 as well as Windows 8. On-line help operations for Chrome and Safari browsers will also be improved. ITSS staff will also see some feature enhancements and improved reporting capabilities with the upgrade.