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School of Medicine Infrastructure Upgrades

ITSS and the School of Medicine are currently working with Facilities Management and our low-voltage contractor to update the telecomm and network infrastructure in the School of Medicine.

This upgrade will replace the original telephone wiring that the current network connections run over and will allow for the installation of high-speed network connections and IP telephones. The IP phones plug into the network jack in the wall and the computer plugs into a network connection on the back of the phone. Both devices share a single network jack. Telephone cable and jacks will be eliminated from the building with the exception of several fax machines and monitoring sensors that still require an analog connection.

ITSS would like to thank the School of Medicine staff who gave up space so that we could construct new communication rooms on the first, second, and third floors to house the new electronics to make this upgrade possible. Our low-voltage contractor will be installing close to 400 network drops as part of this project, which translates to them pulling over 7 miles of Category 6 network cable before the project is completed.

The wiring that was installed in the 1997 four-level addition to the building will be retained, but the electronics driving those network connections will be replaced as part of this project. This will allow for all network connections in the building to support IP telephones and run at gigabit speeds.

The wireless network in the building will also be upgraded and expanded as part of the project to provide complete building coverage. ITSS has already completed an upgrade to the network backbone feeding the building with a 24 strand fiber cable and updated the electronics in the main communication room to support the rest of this upgrade. We hope to have all work completed before July 1st, and look forward to providing the School of Medicine staff with new communications infrastructure and robust services.