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Spotlight on ITSS Staff: Greg Gustafson

Greg has been providing service to the campus for over 29 years, through special research projects, teaching, and working as a systems administrator and programmer with ITSS.

Photo: Greg Gustafson

What Greg Does for ITSS

Greg provides systems administrator support for central computing systems and servers. His principal responsibilities are in the areas of Unix systems and networked printing services.

Greg's History with ITSS

While still a UMD student, Greg adapted the GIMMS graphics information system to run on a CDC Cyber NOS computer. He also wrote a beginners guide to GIMMS that was used in the Computer Cartography courses taught at UMD.

Greg graduated from UMD in 1981 with a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Geography and went to work for George "Rip" Rapp to work on a joint project with UMD and the EPA doing acid rain research.

After the acid rain project, he taught taught programming courses for the Computer Science department and Computer Cartography courses.

In March of 1985 Greg started working full time for the Computer Center where one of his first jobs was to take over a home grown email system that Dan Burrows was developing.

When Apple LaserWriters came out, Greg developed software to facilitate the use of laser printers on campus. Apple Computer featured Greg and his work with LaserWriters in an issue of their promotional publication.

Greg developed a campus information board for the UMD campus and then participated with a committee to design a web based information system that eventually became Gopher (a precursor to what we now know as the web).

In 1986, Greg took over the ITSS newsletter for a couple of years.He developed a system that would allow clients to read their data tapes written on the CDC Cyber computer on newer operating systems. He also developed much of the system that prints to our local printers from remote printers including administrative computers on the Twin Cities campuses. This included converting data from remote sites and building special print forms.

Greg administrated a variety of computer systems over the last 20+ years including Apple file and video servers, Dec VMS systems, Sun Solaris systems, and an array of different flavors of Unix systems. For most of the last 25 years, Greg has administered servers to backup and restore our file systems and to run our local print queues.

Greg's Background

Greg was born in Deadwood South Dakota 64 years ago and moved to Duluth about 60 years ago. His family moved to a farm near the French River where he spent most of his time in the outdoors. During summers on the farm, Greg fished the river almost every day. He graduated from Clover Valley High School and then attended to UMD for a year.

He enlisted in the Navy and received advanced electronics training before joining the crew of the destroyer escort USS Gray where he made three tours to South East Asia where he participated in the police action in Vietnam. After being discharged from the Navy, Greg returned to Duluth and resumed his education at UMD.