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Spotlight on ITSS Staff: Linda Deneen

Periodically ITSS highlights staff members to let you get to know some of the great people who work to make technology work for our campus. Let's shine the light on Linda Deneen, Director of ITSS.

Photo: Linda Deneen

What Linda does for ITSS

Linda is the director, so she has her fingers in everything at ITSS. Despite her broad interest in the activities of the department, she recognizes and relies on the expertise of ITSS professional and student staff to make things happen. Linda's most important functions are planning, budgeting, setting priorities, and communicating.


Linda was a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science before moving into administration at ITSS. She holds a Ph.D. in mathematics, a masters in mathematics, and a masters in probability and statistics from Michigan State University. Her undergraduate degree is in mathematics is from Central Michigan University. Following graduate school, she attended the Institute for Retraining in Computer Science at Potsdam University, after which she changed her career path into computer science.

Linda was born in Detroit, Michigan but spent most of her early years in Gaylord, Michigan. Following graduate school, she was an assistant professor of mathematics at Beloit College in Wisconsin. She moved to Duluth in 1985, where she joined the faculty in computer science.

Linda's Interests

Linda keeps tropical fish, so if you visit her house, you will get the aquarium tour. She enjoys singing with her friends Shuby and Lyle. While maintaining her aquariums and doing other chores around the house, she listens to audiobooks on her iPhone.

Interesting Facts

Linda is married to Gary Shute, who serves on the faculty at UMD in computer science. Linda and Gary have two cats, Venus and Mercury.

Linda will retire on May 21, 2014 after over 29 years of service to UMD.

Linda is most grateful to the staff at ITSS and the UMD community for making her working life such a positive experience. She has great confidence in the new leadership of both ITSS and of UMD to move UMD forward to even greater success. Although Linda is looking forward to some new-found freedom in retirement, she will greatly miss all of her good friends and great colleagues at UMD.

Linda and Gary intend to spend their retirement years in Duluth. Gary is not yet ready to retire, so Linda will have to pursue some new pursuits without him for the time being. Please join us on Thursday, May 15th from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Kirby Student Center Ballroom to honor Linda Deneen for over 29 years of service to UMD. A brief program will begin at approximately 3:00.