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Classroom Update

The ITSS classroom team has been productive in a number of areas.

The SMed 68 active learning classroom has been completed, as well as the SCC 40 orientation room. As depicted in the following photograph of SMed 68, active learning classrooms feature round tables that seat 9 people and the ability to further divide into smaller tables with groups of 3 people. Technology at each table includes monitors, audio, and microphones.

Active learning classroom SMed 68

KAML 215, Math Learning Lab, was completed as a dynamic space with wall monitors at each bank of computers, allowing the instructor to send content to students as they work in the lab.

The MultiMedia Hub has been very busy, with 84 video captioning projects already in September.

We have purchased a ChromeCart with 28 ChromeBooks for use in the ITSS Kirby Plaza 175 sandbox. This should fulfill a need for research or training that requires web access and no specialized software.