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Developments in Student Computing

From new hardware and software to partnership labs, learn what's up in the ITSS computer labs.

This summer was extremely busy for student computing. We purchased and installed new computers in Engr 204 and MWAH 177 and replaced Humanities 470 computers with a newer model. We also installed over 200 solid state drives into all full access machines in our labs and in the library.

Most basic access machines on campus were converted from computers to thin clients which offer virtual software access instead of machine-installed software. We will be replacing the remaining 21 machines in September and October for a total of over 100 new basic access machines.

Our partnership lab relationships continue to expand, adding a new departmental lab and expanding lab images in other collegiate units. We completed the installation of the new Math Learning Lab in the library, which approximately doubled in size, from 30+ to 70 seats.

For this academic year 2014-15, the ITSS student computing labs continue with Windows 7 and have moved to Office 2013. We anticipate an OS change for academic year 15-16 to Windows 8.