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Educational Technology Changes

Moodle Quickmail and Google Course Groups replace email aliases. Scantron exams and course evaluations are now supported by different ITSS staff members.

Emailing Your Class

This past summer term, the class email aliases run at UMD went away with upgrades to the underlying systems that supported the aliases. Two options are available to email students without resorting to getting a class list from UMReports:

1. If you are a Moodle user, please consider the Quickmail Block if you have not already. It is more flexible in its use than the next option in that you may email a subset of students or even just one student easily. Only you may use this tool by default.

All emails go to the students' individual Gmail accounts, and a copy may be sent to you, if desired. Moodle also keeps a record of all the emails you have sent to the class with the Moodle course itself. This is helpful for archival purposes.

2. If you are not using Moodle, then a Google Course Group is the next best option. This will allow you to use an email address in a similar fashion to the old class email alias. By default, students are able to email back to the group address. This setting may be changed in the setting for managing your group.

Additional benefits of the Google Course Group include using the group to share files and folders in Google Drive, or pages and folders in Google Sites.

Where to Take Your Scantron Exams and Course Evaluations

Trish Crace accepted a position with our networking and phone group in ITSS. As a result, Trish is no longer involved with scoring exams or running course evaluations.

Kathy Wilson has accepted scoring exams and running course evaluations. Kathy is located in the main ITSS office, KPlz 386. Please drop off and pick up your materials in KPlz 386.

Online course evaluations are conducted online by Stacy Schweikert.