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IP Phone Upgrades

ITSS continues to convert to Internet Protocol (IP) phones across campus.

By the end of FY14 we converted 35% of the 3100 phones supported by our telephone system, surpassing our our original goal by 10%. Our current goal is 45% conversion by end of FY15.

This summer, we converted over 300 phones in conjunction with various projects. We converted the School of Medicine as part of our cabling and network infrastructure upgrade project. We converted Labovitz School of Business and Economics in order to be complete before accreditation starts this fall. We also finished IP phone transformations in Darland Administration building and Chester Park. We now have 14 buildings completed with Swenson Science building, Kirby Plaza, Glensheen, and Bohannon Hall being planned for conversion this academic year.

The conversion process involves ITSS staff making a duplicate of each user's existing phone and setting it up in our office. When the phone is delivered, it takes just a few minutes to move and or change cables to get the phone up and running. When the install is complete, the phone plugs into the network jack and the user's computer plugs into a port on the back of the phone, sharing the connection. One advantage of ip phones is that the programming stays with the phone set, allowing phones to be moved to other live network jacks. This minimizes labor costs to departments by eliminating the need for physical wiring changes.

We would like to stress that even though users can move their own phones between network jacks and/or rooms, ITSS should be notified of those moves in order for us to update our E-911 location database. Emergency responders will be dispatched by 911 to the last known location.