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Printer Migration to Private IP Space = More Security

To reduce and/or eliminate security issues, ITSS is migrating all UMD printers to private IP space.

There are many university printers that still remain on public Internet Protocol (IP) space (131.212.x.x) and over the course of a few months, several networked printers have been hacked. While most of the time no major damage is done, for a few, significant changes have been made which require hours of troubleshooting and at worst, several hours of downtime for departments.

To address these recent hacks, ITSS is making a push to migrate all UMD printers to private IP space (10.5.x.x) to reduce and/or eliminate the security issues that go along with public IP addresses. Each printer in a private network occupies a private IP address space, meaning that no computer outside the network can find that address or communicate with that printer.

Impact on Users

This push will affect several different units across campus. The following is a listing of departments that will be affected but it is not necessarily limited to these alone:

  • Information Technology System and Services (ITSS)
  • Cloquet Forestry Center (CFC)
  • WDSE
  • Coleraine Mineral Research Laboratory (CMRL)
  • Center for Economic Development (CED)
  • Large Lakes Observatory at the University of Minnesota (LLO)
  • Bookstore
  • Kirby Student Center (KSC)
  • Darland Administration Building (DAdB)
  • Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI)
  • Sports and Health Center (SpHC)/Amsoil Arena

Users who are running a PC connecting to the printer by the printer name should not notice any issues. If you are connecting to the printer by the IP address then your printer will fail to work when we make this change and you will be required to set up your printer again on your computer.

Users who are running OSX will more than likely need to reinstall their printer on their computer. ITSS is working on a process to make adding printers much easier to your computer than it was in the past.

Next Steps

ITSS will be in contact with departments and will work with departmental technical staff in the next 2 weeks to schedule a day to move all printers over to private IP space. We would like to have all UMD printers moved by the end of October.