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Web Accessibility Training

Learn Web accessibility with instructor-led online courses.

This semester ITSS will be offering two Web Accessibility eClasses, Web Accessibility 101: Introduction and Web Accessibility 102: Tools.

Web Accessibility: Introduction

This eClass will answer questions such as:

  • "What does web accessibility really mean?"
  • "What all does that term encompass?"
  • "Why is it that some people are unable to use certain web sites - and whose job is it to provide access?"

In addition the introduction class features the popular "disable your browser" exercise. This class will occur between October 27 and October 31, 2014.

Web Accessibility: Tools

In this eClass we will start exploring how to solve access problems on web sites, so get ready to roll up your sleeves and do some work! We'll discuss some tools and use the WAVE to spot barriers that prevent people from fully using our web sites. The Accessibility: Tools eClass will occur between November 3 and November 14, 2014.

Further information

Our eClasses utilize Moodle and have no set meeting time, although courses do have definite start and end dates. This allows participants to attend class at a time most convenient to them, yet it still provides logically organized communication between class participants. It is a convenient way to expand your knowledge and skills.

To register and find more information please visit: