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Wireless Heat Map Project

Last fall the ITSS Network Team began a rather large undertaking of mapping wireless coverage for all of UMD campus and remote sites.

The main purpose of this project was to document current signal levels in each building and locate wifi dead zones. Wireless site surveys are beneficial because radio wave propagation is difficult to predict, especially in non-open space environments such as offices.

Through lots of walking around and opening doors while carrying a special laptop ITSS students have now completed surveys for 95% of the campus. This gives us an accurate picture of what the true coverage is like, so that we can make informed decisions on which areas to improve next. Results were used in recent wireless projects for LSBE, SMED, Heaney Hall, and Oakland Apartments. The following image is an example of a survey.

Heatmap Survey
Text Description of the Survey:
The image shows a floor plan of the second floor of the School of Medicine. It is color coded. The vast majority of the diagram is green. Parts of rooms 297, 291B, 279, 277, 269, 297A 264, 237, and 203 are yellow. Parts of rooms 291B 289A, 289D, 279, 277, and 264 are orange. A color coded scale reads: "<-80 dbm (red), -75 (orange), -70 (gold), -65 (yellow), -60 (lime green), -55 (green), -50 (green), -45 (green), -40 (cyan), -35 (medium blue) -30 blue), >-20 dBm(dark blue). "

In the next few months we will be completing post-upgrade surveys in LSBE and SMed. We will also be reviewing all completed building survey results to determine where to work next. If you have comments about poor or non-existent wireless coverage in your area please contact the ITSS Helpdesk and leave the building/room information.