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Drupal Update - December 2014

The SFA pilot migration is well underway; Dreamweaver templates are in the final stages; and new training and online resources are available.

SFA pilot and next steps

We are making good progress with the School of Fine Arts (SFA) pilot Drupal migration, and expect the site to go live in January. We are using this pilot project to fine-tune the Drupal structure, coding and design details and to improve the user interface and final product we offer for the next groups.

Using the base SFA Drupal install, we have developed Dreamweaver templates for those sites that are not yet ready to move to Drupal. If you are interested in using these templates, please submit a request so we may contact you.

The next large group scheduled to move into Drupal is Swenson College of Science and Engineering (SCSE). While we hope to start this project in January, the time line will be dependent on ITSS staff availability around the ESUP project.

Using consultants with Drupal

As a reminder, if you are considering hiring a consultant to design and/or build your Drupal site, please talk to ITSS staff before you begin. The University's version of Drupal is not a standard Drupal install. There are many variances in structure and functionality that consultants will need to know.

Consultants are available through University-wide contracts. If you are considering using one of these or other consultants, please submit a request for a Drupal external vendor consultation.

Drupal training and online resources

New training and/or online resources that are available to the campus:

Additional resources: