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Drupal Update - February 2015

The School of Fine Arts site has been launched. A list of who will go in next has been identified. Dreamweaver templates have been developed. A process for coordinating with external consultants is in place. And training is available.

We are pleased to announce that the School of Fine Arts (SFA) web site, built in Drupal using the updated UMD theme, was successfully launched on Friday, January 30. The new site builds on the theme from the UMD home page and the UMD Admissions site. The theme is mobile friendly and we are working to ensure that it meets the University of Minnesota accessibility standard.

The design and implementation of this site was a combined effort between SFA, ITSS and External Affairs. Working on this pilot has given the roll out team a better understanding of the processes and procedures needed to move forward with other sites.

Who's Up Next?

We have started work with the Swenson College of Science and Engineering (SCSE) on their Drupal instance. The order for the next instances (recommended by the EVCAA) will be NRRI, CLA, CEHSP, and LSBE. External Affairs will contact each unit to discuss design considerations for their individual sites.

As we now have a good process in place for rolling out new instances, we are hopeful we will be able to initiate sites for all of the collegiate units during spring semester. Of course, this is dependent on ITSS staff availability around the ESUP project. After the collegiate units are online with Drupal, we will begin working with other units on campus that are interested in using the Drupal service.

Hands-on Training

As part of the roll out process, when a new Drupal site is initiated ITSS staff will host a hands-on training session for the site developers. This initial training will include information on site development within the University's Drupal environment, including best practices, theme considerations, exception processes, and change requests.

Once the unit has developed their site and they are ready for additional staff to begin adding or modifying content, ITSS will offer a second training session for all of the unit's content contributors.

Dreamweaver Templates

Using the base UMD Drupal theme, we have developed Dreamweaver templates for those sites that are not yet ready to move to Drupal. If you are interested in using these templates, please submit a request so we may contact you.

Using Consultants with Drupal

As a reminder, if you are considering hiring a consultant to design and/or build your Drupal site, please talk to ITSS staff before you begin. The University's version of Drupal is not a standard Drupal install. There are many variances in structure and functionality that consultants will need to know.

Consultants are available through University-wide contracts. If you are considering using one of these or other consultants, please submit a request for a Drupal external vendor consultation.

Drupal Training and Online Resources

Training and/or Online Resources Available to the Campus

Additional Resources


Please contact the ITSS TechCenter Help Desk (x8847) with questions.