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The Evolution of Wireless Networking at UMD

Campus wireless needs have changed over the years and ITSS continues to improve service.

In many areas of campus the wireless networks were designed 6 or more years ago when the goals and needs were different. At the time of installation coverage may have been non-existent, so the main goal was to expand wireless coverage and provide an alternative to wired connections.

Devices and needs have changed quickly. In many cases we can now offer faster service over wireless than wired networks. In addition, some devices do not have an option to use a wired connection making adequate wireless coverage mandatory.

In the past year ITSS Network Team has surveyed and mapped coverage for most of the campus. The maps give us a visual for dead zones and areas that need the most improvement. The following lists some of the wireless improvement projects that we are working on to address our findings.

Completed within the Last Year

  • Labovitz School of Business & Economics School of Medicine
  • Natural Resources Research Institute
  • Oakland Apartments (except for Balsam)
  • Heaney Hall

In Progress (to be Completed this Summer)

  • Junction Apartments
  • Goldfine Hall
  • Oakland Apartments Balsam

Coming Soon

  • Bohannon Hall
  • Marshall W. Alworth Hall
  • A. B. Anderson Hall

If you are aware of any dead zones or low coverage areas that have high demand for wireless, please report the specifics to the ITSS TechCenter Help Desk (x8847) and we will take them into consideration for our next project.

Thank you,

The ITSS Network Team