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Upgrade Update

What's the latest scoop on the Upgrade? Signs are positive. Work is getting done. Issues are being resolved. And milestones lie ahead.

The Upgrade launched on Monday, April 20 as scheduled. Thanks to excellent work by many people across the system, initial signs are positive - important business functions are getting done, reports are being run, and identified issues are being resolved quickly. We still have major milestones ahead, but we should feel really good about the excellent planning and communication provided by the system and the work everybody has been doing here at UMD.

We have seen issues with users being unable to access the new MyU due to outdated cache but, in most cases, updating the browser and clearing the cache solves the problem. If this does not resolve your issue, check Upgrade Web Site for the latest updates or reach out to our Help Desk by calling 218-726-8847 or emailing

Before we can declare success we have several critical milestones to achieve, such as distributing paychecks, month end close, file transfers and batch processing. That said, we have an incredible team working on the project and support from across IT@UMN and all of our partners in HR, Business, and Academic work streams.