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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: AV Services Updated

The switch to an AV classroom podium master key was reported as a smooth transition in April 2004.

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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: IP Telephone Service Implemented

The 2003 move of the Minnesota Extension Service (MES) offices to the Cloquet Forestry Center (CFC) location was a major factor in implementing Internet Protocol technology. The old phone system at CFC could not support the expansion needed for the staff. All CFC and MES staff were provided direct 726-numbers. For further information consult the March 2004 newsletter article: IP Telephone Service Implemented.

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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: Streaming Video

In February 2004 streaming video became a hot topic on campus.

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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: ImageNow

In 2003 document imaging became available on campus.

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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: Mac VPN Client

In November 2003 ITSS made a VPN installer available for Macintosh operating systems.

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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: Web Design Update Award

In October 2003 the Web Design Update won a Gold Award in the University of Minnesota's Communicators Forum Maroon and Gold competition. The Web Design Update continues to be published weekly and is mailed to members of the WebDev mailing list. It is published in conjunction with the Web Design Reference site. Both the digest and web site are intended as references for web designers and developers.

In 2003 Web Design Update served 190+ subscribers. Currently in its twelfth year it serves nearly 2,700 people from the University of Minnesota, universities throughout the United States and some from other countries.

The Web Design Update is a free service provided by the ITSS Web Team. If you are interested in web design and development, we invite you to join the mailing list and receive the award-winning Web Design Update.

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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: UMD Web Page Templates

To facilitate the conversion of existing UMD Web pages to a new design, ITSS first offered Web templates to the campus community in September 2003. Andrew Manteuffel developed the templates and was instrumental in that effort.

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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: Microsoft Dropped Support for Windows 98 and NT4

In May 2003 Microsoft announced their discontinuance of support for their Windows 98 and NT4 operating systems. ITSS recommended that all workstations using the Windows 98 or NT4 operating systems be upgraded to a more recent version of a Windows operating system.

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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: Personnel Changes

Long-term ITSS staff members Tom Nylen and Jay Opela took early retirement in the spring of 2003 to help provide ITSS with a solution to budget retrenchments. Tom Nylen was replaced by Jason Davis. A number of Jay's responsibilities shifted to Sarah Paro.

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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: eMail Etiquette Tips

In March 2003 ITSS provided eMail Etiquette Tips. The main concepts are just as pertinent today as they were a decade ago.

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