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Classroom technology upgrades in progress

by Tom Nylen

Several projects were undertaken this summer to improve the availability and quality of technology in classrooms. Although not all of the upgrades will be in place for the start of fall quarter, we expect to complete installations during the quarter.

Chem 150: We added a new projector to support computer presentations as well as the VCR and laserdisk player which were previously installed. We also added one Macintosh and one Pentium PC computer with a network connection for each. A third network connection is available for those who prefer to use their own computer for class presentations.

Chem 200: This room was completely remodeled during the summer and we have installed the same equipment and network connections as in Chem 150. In addition, an overhead television camera is in place to provide a birds-eye view of instructors' demonstrations and documents.

Mon 108: Computers and two projectors were added. The projectors can be used with the computers and also with a variety of AV equipment including a VCR, a laserdisk, a slide-to-video converter, and a camera pad (similar in function to an overhead projector). A network connection is available for faculty who prefer to use their own computers for their presentations, and 40 network connections are in place for student use with their laptop computers.

Finally, MonH 108 is the first general purpose classroom on campus equipped with an electronic white board enabling instructors to print their "chalkboard" presentations or copy them into a computer for future use.

Classroom connections: Our project to provide a network connection in each general purpose classroom continues, and we now have 43 of 58 classrooms networked. [an error occurred while processing this directive]
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