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Mulberry: A new e-mail solution for Mac & Win95

by Joel Ness

For the past several years, Information Services has been looking for the "right" e-mail software to recommend to the UMD community. We think we've now found an excellent program, called Mulberry, and will be making it available toward the end of September or early October.

Mulberry is an e-mail "client" that runs on your computer and looks like your other Macintosh or Windows 95 programs. Mulberry takes advantage of the graphic interface of your own computer (windows, menus, mouse, etc.). Most importantly, since Mulberry runs on your own computer, you can attach files on your hard disk to an e-mail message and save e-mail attachments sent to you directly to your hard disk.

Email attachments have become a very common way of exchanging files on the Internet, and we have an increasing number of customers who receive or want to send e-mail attachments. It's not an easy task without the right tools. Because Mulberry can handle all three Internet attachment formats (MIME/base64, uuencode, and binhex) it's the perfect tool for dealing with e-mail attachments.

Mulberry uses the IMAP protocol rather than the POP protocol for working with your mail. This means that Mulberry doesn't download your e-mail to your hard disk and delete it from the mail server, but instead (like Pine, elm, PC-Pine and Mailstrom) keeps your inbox on the mail server. Mulberry also makes it very easy to work with any saved mailboxes you may currently be using on your central system account.

Unfortunately, there is no version of Mulberry for Windows 3.x. For Windows 3.x users we still recommend the PC-Pine e-mail program. Many Windows 3.x users are probably already considering upgrading to Windows 95; Mulberry may be another reason to do so.

Mulberry is not a free or shareware program. Information services will be purchasing Mulberry licenses and making them available to UMD faculty, staff, and students. If you have an e-mail account at UMD you will be able to download a copy of Mulberry and obtain your own personal serial number and registration key. This registration key is valid during your affiliation with UMD; if you leave UMD and want to continue using Mulberry you must purchase your own license. While at UMD, you can use your copy of Mulberry on any computer you work with (at school and at home) but can't share your copy with others.

Version 1.3 of Mulberry is being released this month and, since it adds many useful new features, we have decided to wait for this version to distribute at UMD. Watch for flyers and announcements that we will be sending out as soon as Mulberry is ready for distribution. In the mean time, for a preview of Mulberry 1.3 you can check out our Mulberry web page at www.d.umn.edu/is/software/mulberry/.

If you have questions relating to Mulberry or other e-mail software, contact Joel Ness (x8841, e-mail: jness). [an error occurred while processing this directive]
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