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Network changes made for offices, residence halls

by Dan Burrows

Ethernet switches added

One change we have started is to replace Ethernet hubs with Ethernet switches, following the lead of the UofM Twin Cities campus. There are several advantages to using switches, but probably the most noticeable will be maintaining speed to the desktop while our network continues to grow.

We are electing to replace hubs with switches in areas of the network that show the most traffic first. This includes several buildings such as DADB, Campus Center, Library, Engineering, Medical school, and others. During the next several years we will be upgrading nearly every hub on campus to a switch.

We did not upgrade the link between UMD and the Internet, so this link is still running at the same speed as last year. We are well aware that the use of this link is increasing, and both our staff and the UofM TC staff are monitoring the use of this line. Usage of this line will determine if we request an upgrade during this school year.

Ethernet capablity added to LSH

During the summer months Information Services staff installed infrastructure to support Ethernet connections in the Lake Superior Hall residence hall. Testing showed that the existing wiring plant in LSH was capable of supporting Ethernet speeds, so most of our work was in setting up the unused cable pairs and installing network equipment.

We now have network connections in Griggs, Goldfine, Lake Superior, Vermilion, and Village Apartments. Last year we installed over 370 network connections for our residence hall students. We expect to exceed that number during this academic year as we installed over 300 connections during the Bulldog Bash weekend. [an error occurred while processing this directive]
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