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UMENU changes include new WEBSTUFF menu

by Joel Ness

If you use the UNIX UMENU system when you connect to the ub or bulldog central system computers you will notice a few changes for the new school year. We've rearranged menu items to put more commonly used items near the top of the menus. You'll also find that the Configure option has been moved into the Utilities menu (most people use this menu only once to set a default printer).

The major change, however, is the addition of a new WEBSTUFF menu (see illustration). The WEBSTUFF menu provides you with most of the commands and tools you need to develop web pages on your central system account without quitting from the UMENU system.

Developing web pages directly on UNIX is something anyone with an account can do; however many people find it preferable to use Netscape rather than Lynx to view their web pages, and often develop web pages on their own computer and transfer (ftp) them to their WWW directory.

Even those who do this may want to keep a window open with UMENU running in it just to use the new PERMISSIONS command in the WEBSTUFF menu to set permissions on files they've transferred to their account (much easier than using the chmod command at a UNIX prompt).

The WEBSTUFF menu also contains commands that allow you to connect directly to your WWW directory as an AppleShare server volume if you are on the campus Ethernet network.

For more information on using UMENU to develop web pages, choose item number 1 from the WEBSTUFF menu . [an error occurred while processing this directive]
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