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New campus web pages

by Linda Deneen

UMD has a new look for our campus web pages. The information has been reorganized and the page style has been redesigned. If you haven't yet looked, please go to http://www.d.umn.edu and check it out.

Content reorganization was completed by the campus web committee: Jerry Allen, Linda Deneen, John Hamlin, Bob Krumwiede and Paul Treuer (chair). Feel free to send comments about content and structure to www.comm.

Design and implementation of the new web pages was the project of the IS web team: Sally Bradt, Jason Davis, Scott Hollatz (team leader), Joel Ness, Neal Oberg and Frank Simmons. Gunnar Swanson of the Art Department provided assistance with the graphic design.

Many thanks to the groups and individuals on campus that previewed the pages and gave us their thoughtful criticisms. We hope that people on and off campus will like our new look and find our new structure easier to surf.

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