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Netscape Calendar: A timely solution
by Bruce Reeves

When working at your computer, do you often lose track of time and other commitments? Would you like an easy way to check your schedule from anywhere on or off campus? Do you need to schedule meetings or rooms with groups of people?

If so, Netscape Calendar, a new ITSS service, may be for you.

Pop-up reminders: Showing up late to an appointment is something we can all do without. Fortunately, with the help of Netscape Calendar, your computer can remind you of an important appointment, event or task.

While working in another application, Calendar will pop up an alert message showing the details of the upcoming event. While the default is to remind you 15 minutes before an event, you can set it to any amount of time - including years!

Internet access: More than just a way to remind you of your commitments, Netscape Calendar allows you to view your schedule from any computer that is connected to the Internet and has Calendar software installed on it. The actual information is on the Calendar server here at UMD. No matter where you are, just set the Calendar client to look at the UMD server and instantly have your schedule.

Group scheduling: Because Calendar is run on a UMD server, group scheduling is possible. Any number of Calendar users can find a time when they can meet together without the trouble of bouncing e-mails and voice mails back and forth. You can schedule both people and department rooms.

Printed copies: Calendar will print out your schedule by the day, week, multi-week or month. It can print in many of the popular formats such as Franklin Planner.

Mobile access: With a laptop or Palm Pilot you can take your Calendar with you. You can easily download your schedule off the server onto your computer to go. With a Palm Pilot you can synchronize it straight from your desktop computer. You can take the added appointments from your laptop or Palm Pilot and send them up to the server to keep your Calendar in sync.

To use Netscape Calendar, you need:

    A Calendar account. Faculty and staff can contact Mary Olson-Reed (via e-mail at molson14) to request a Calendar account.

  • The Calendar client (integrated with Netscape 4.5 and higher) installed on your computer. You can download it from the Netscape site or from the UMD web (choose Windows 95 or Macintosh).


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