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Winter quarter classroom technology improvements
By Judy Kurschner

As of the first week in February, all general purpose classrooms have an Ethernet connection. ITSS has been working toward this goal for several years.

The Cina 316-320 remodeling has been completed. Cina 316 now has a permanently mounted projector, VCR and closed captioning.

The Classroom Technology Team has been working closely with Facilities Management on remodeling plans for Humanities 403. Work is expected to begin on this project during spring break and to continue into summer. There will be many improvements made, both structurally and technologically. You can view the renovation plan going here and selecting Hum 403 from the general purpose rooms.

Work on the BohH 90 sound system will resume during spring break. The room is booked too solidly to allow work while classes are in session.

We are testing a remote keyboard-mouse combination which operates on radio frequency, rather than infra-red laser, for possible inclusion in classroom equipment.

The audio cassette player for Chem 200 is installed and ready to use.

Documentation for equipment in Campus Center 120 and MonH 70 has been added to our web page. View this and other classroom resources here.

A stand-alone Macintosh computer has been added to the AV checkout pool of equipment. Request this one when you will be teaching in a classroom that has a permanently installed projector. Stand-alone PCs are also available.

Documentation for using the conference phone available from AV can be found here.

Future projects include:

  • Wall-files for user documentation and equipment feedback forms for problems and/or suggestions will be mounted on AV equipment cabinets in high-tech classrooms. Please let us know about any equipment problems you encounter or any changes you would like to see implemented by dropping the Classroom Technology Use Survey in the campus mail.

  • Preparation for the laptop pilot project is underway. MonH 108 will have existing network connections made live; SBE 16 will have the "planned for" connections wired and made live; MPAC 51 is in the planning stages for where connections should be and what other equipment is needed in the room.


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