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Computer training programs on the web
by Judy Kurschner and Paula Pollock

UMD is participating in a grant with the University of Minnesota and MNSCU to make computer-based training products available on the web through December 1999. The products, from NETg, can be used by all full and part-time UMD students enrolled in credit earning programs and all full and part-time UMD faculty and staff.

NETg courses can be taken directly on the web or downloaded to your hard drive and run. Although they are web-based, the courses are designed for Windows users and do not work well on the Mac platform.

Individuals can structure their own course of study from a long list of topics. NETg training modules include programming, software applications, and operating systems. For example, plan a training course that includes Word, Lotus and Windows NT. Or choose HTML, Java and PERL. Take one course or take them all; the choice is yours and the plan can be modified at any point.

Each module includes a course overview and the average number of hours to complete the entire module. Interactive lessons include multiple choice, matching, and "point, click and drag" exercises interspersed among textual information.

Pre-assessment tests allow you to determine how much you already know about the topic, and quizzes at the end reinforce the material you have covered. Many topics offer a choice between beginner and expert levels of training.

NETg requires a web-browser plug-in (NETg Client Object Loader). The first time the site is accessed from a browser, a complete set of directions is provided on how to get and install this plug-in. Basically, you must download a file to the computer and run it, selecting which browser (or browsers) should run the plug-in.

After restarting the browser, enter the NETg html location again and a login screen appears. (You can bookmark this screen.)

New users will need to select the self- registration option. We suggest using your e-mail name for your UserID and a password which is different from your e-mail password. Once logged in, set up the training plan and start taking courses. We recommend specifying the "Browser Playable" option while on campus and the "Download Course Components" option from off campus.

NETg is currently installed on the PC in the SBE 45b training area and the two PCs in the MonH 239 Learning Technology Center. It will be available in the Full Access and Basic Access Web labs beginning Spring quarter. You can also visit our hands-on exhibit featuring NETg at TechFest 99 on March 19.

For details and to try the NETg training opportunities, go to Netg.

For help loading the plug-in, registering, or specifying a training plan, contact Judy Kurschner jkurschn, x8855).


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