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ITSS sets new rates
by Linda Deneen

ITSS service rates for fiscal year 1999-2000 have been set and will take effect July 1, 1999. The rates are included with this newsletter, are posted on the web, and will be sent to area class managers and to customers with our February service billing notices.

In general, ITSS rates will remain the same. Two exceptions are telephone and network services.

Several telephone rates have been reduced. The monthly telephone port charge has been reduced from $11.65 to $9.15. The new long distance calling rate for calls within the United States will be reduced to $.11 per minute seven days a week, regardless of time of day. Lower international calling rates will be available July 1, 1999.

The network access rate has increased as it will now include the Internet Access Fee instituted by Networking and Telecommunications Services (NTS) at the Twin Cities campus. The NTS fee pays for central infrastructure and access to the Internet for all campuses. During the present fiscal year, central funds were appropriated to pay for UMD's share of these charges. We anticipate that next year these central funds may no longer be allocated. In that case, we will add the NTS charge to our current ITSS charge for customers on the UMD campus.


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