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ITSS offering used equipment for sale
By Dan Ellis

Did you buy a computer at the campus used computer sale on October 20th of last year? Were you able to get away from your desk or your class to get up to the Kirby ballroom? Did you get the help you needed to answer your questions or ease your concerns?

If you answered "no" to any of the above, please read on.

Annually, the UMD campus holds a big used equipment sale, including unused or out of date computer equipment. We take pride in our participation in this annual event and will continue to participate. We sold many computers last year and buyers got functional equipment at quite a fair price.

Normally, we just stockpile all of our equipment for one large sale in the fall. However, this can be fairly labor intensive, requires a lot of storage space, and does not really give us the time to assist the buyers with their questions. Also, with the fast changes in computer technology, the equipment devalues as it sits in storage for nine months.

We have decided to make some of our used equipment available for sale throughout the school year.

If you are interested, view the equipment we currently have available on the web or call our Maintenance department at x7973.

We can bill your CUFS account for departmental use, or make arrangements for cash payment for personal sales. If you buy one of our used computers and wish to have it upgraded, we can do that too.

We will temporarily suspend these sales sometime in the spring, holding equipment (including lab computers that we replace during the summer) for the fall sale.


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