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Faculty and staff X.500 usernames changing
by Gordee Bennett

ITSS is in the process of changing the X.500 username to the current UMD e-mail account name for most faculty and staff. For example, Margaret Mead's X.500 name would change from mead009 to mmead. Passwords will not be affected.

If your old X.500 username does not work when trying to access a University system, your X.500 name may have already been changed and you should try your UMD e-mail name and password. (You can verify your current X.500 username by clicking on the word "People" on the UMD home page, which takes you here). You can use either your UMD e-mail password or your X.500 password (if you or someone else set one) to authenticate using your X.500 account.

Why are we making the change? More University-wide services such as BioMedLine and PeopleSoft require that UMD faculty and staff authenticate with their X.500 username and password. It simplifies the process if the user's UMD name and their X.500 name match. It also allows us to keep the passwords in sync for both accounts.

There will be some people for whom we cannot change the X.500 name to the UMD name because that name is already taken. We will be contacting those people individually by e-mail to decide what to do.

Students will also have matching UMD user names and X.500 user names. Most of those changes have already been made.


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