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ITSS offers Year 2000 information and help
by Tom Nylen

The Year 2000 Initiative at the University of Minnesota is being led by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at the Twin Cities campus, and ITSS is coordinating efforts here at UMD.

In late February, ITSS distributed a packet of Year 2000 information to every UMD department. The packets were prepared by OIT staff to help all understand Y2K issues, to identify problems with their computers and applications, and to begin to solve the problems, if any are found.

Included in the packet is a boot disk which will test your PC's ability to properly roll over to the year 2000 on January 1st, and will also test for proper recognition of leap years.

In addition, we have placed on reserve in the Library several copies of Norton's Y2K software on CD. This CD can help identify potential Y2K date problems with your PC's operating system, applications and data. While we don't have similar software for testing Macintosh systems, the hardware and operating system are widely acclaimed to be fine. However, Macintosh applications software and data files can still have Y2K issues and should be checked.

We suggest that all departments consider taking the following steps with regard to their departmental equipment:

  • Review the University Year 2000 website.

  • Identify any equipment, computer hardware, or software that needs to be tested.

  • Check your equipment and software vendors' web sites for Y2K information on your specific hardware and software systems and applications.

  • Use the boot disk included in the packet and the software on reserve in the Library to test your PC systems.

  • If you have equipment that is not compliant, contact the vendor for that equipment for information about what the vendor will provide.

ITSS can provide some assistance for a fee, but the primary responsibility for ensuring that your equipment works properly is yours. Contact the ITSS Help Desk at x8847 if you would like a site visit from an ITSS staff member.

If you discover a problem with any of your equipment that is beyond your capability (either technical or financial) to fix, please let your dean or administrative officer know.

We recommend that these steps be completed by June 30, 1999 in order to allow time for corrective action and additional testing before January 1, 2000.


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