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Many classroom technology improvements completed during fall quarter

by Tom Nylen

In our fall quarter newsletter we reported on a number of classroom technology improvements that we hoped to complete either before or during fall quarter. Unfortunately, some of the things that we had to do turned out to be more complicated than we had hoped, so some improvements have been delayed to the December holiday break. We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused, but we hope that faculty and students will find the result worth the wait.

Chem 150

Before installing the rolling cabinet that will house the computers in Chem 150, some electrical and network wiring had to be rerouted in the room. It turned out to be impossible to do this work during the quarter due to a heavy class schedule. The electricians worked on this over the Thanksgiving break, when they could set up scaffolding without interfering with classes. We hope to finish the networking piece during the December break.

Chem 200

Installation of the ceiling-mounted video/computer projector turned out to be more difficult to install than we had anticipated. A long cable had to be run from the communications closet behind the blackboard in the front of the room, up into the ceiling, and down through the folding bracket that holds the projector. To do this, scaffolding had to be set up in the room, which could not be done during the quarter without interrupting classes. This work was completed during Thanksgiving break. In addition to the projector, a VCR and new audio amplifier have been installed. Computers and other equipment will be installed as class schedules permit.

MonH 108

Completion of this room was delayed when some furnishings did not arrive on time. The instructor's station, which will house the computers and AV equipment, still has not arrived, so it is doubtful that this room will be completed until the December holiday break. One network connection has been installed, but some additional network wiring remains to be completed over the December break. During fall quarter, faculty and students used the room with mobile systems on carts that were rolled into the room.

SBE 16, 20, 32, 36, 40 and 50

Most of the conduit work needed for installation of a ceiling-mounted video/computer projector in each of these rooms was completed late in fall quarter, and we have begun installation of the projectors. Rooms with a lockable closet will also be equipped with a VCR, and other arrangements will be made to provide VCRs for rooms without a closet. We will try to complete this work during winter quarter as class schedules permit.

Classroom connections

Network connections in some general purpose classrooms were delayed by a combination of asbestos problems and inadequate conduit. The connections were completed during the Thanksgiving break in all rooms except Cina 202, which will require additional asb estos and conduit work.

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