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Major Novell office server upgrade planned for winter quarter

by Sally Bradt
Do I need to upgrade?

Windows 95 Users: If you are using the Novell Netware client, you will need to upgrade to Microsoft Client for Netware.

To find out which version you are using:

  • RIGHT click on the Network Neighborhood icon on your desktop.
  • Select "Properties" from the pull-down menu.
  • Under "The following components are installed" you should see:
    • Client for Netware
    • TCP/IP
Windows 3.1 Users: If your computer is set up for Novell ODI Version 3.1, you will need to upgrade to Novell VLM Version 4.0.

To find out which version you are using:

  • From within Program Manager, open the Main group.
  • Select Windows Setup.
  • For Network, you should see "Novell Netware (v4.0)">
If you see a previous version (3.x), make an appointment with IS to upgrade your Novell software.

To meet increasing customer usage, Information Services has begun work on upgrading the Novell office servers (UMD_IS1 and UMD_IS2). New hardware has been ordered and additional Novell licenses have been purchased. We will be installing the new server and moving users to it during winter quarter.

During fall quarter, there were many instances when all available Novell licenses on UMD_IS1 (PC users) were in use and clients could not connect to the server. To ease the congestion, we moved about 40 print-only clients and printers over to the UMD_IS2 server (Macintosh and print-only users). We have temporarily stopped accepting requests for new PC full-service accounts (although we can set up print-only or Macintosh accounts). Additionally, Linda Deneen sent out a request for users to connect to the server on an "as needed" basis. Together, these changes have made the server more accessible to users in the past few weeks.

For improved long term service, however, we plan to move to a new hardware platform and upgrade to the latest version of the Novell operating system. The new hardware will allow us to add much-needed disk space as well as processing power. The newer version of Novell will allow us to add licenses as we need them with no limit, whereas the versions we are currently running had set limits and/or maximum quantities which we had reached.

We will be migrating all users from both UMD_IS1 and UMD_IS2 to the new server. While this will be a major task, it will allow IS more flexibility in the future when we need to install software, add more disk space, or upgrade operating systems. Additionally, it will enable departments that have both Macintosh and PC users to easily share files.

While we hope to minimize the inconvenience to our customers, moving to a new server will require a Novell password change for all users. Depending on the platform (Windows or Macintosh), users may need to reinstall software that they currently run from the server (such as WordPerfect and Excel). Additionally, some Windows users may need to upgrade the Novell client on their computers (see sidebar). IS staff will be available to assist users during the conversion to the new server.

All software currently available on the servers will be available on the new server. Any personal files users have stored on the office server (currently the G: drive) will be automatically moved to the new server.

We will keep our clients informed of our progress as we develop more detailed plans and timetables. We are currently creating an alias of all Novell users to use for posting messages regarding the move, so users will have ample time to prepare for the changes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sally Bradt (sbradt or x8856).

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