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 FALL 2000: BIG CHANGES IN STUDENT COMPUTING will appear when the session begins. Due to the completion of the new library there will be some noticeable differences in the format and content of the student computing labs. Here is a quick break down of those changes.

The Basic Access labs will become more abundant, as will the amount of computers available. These labs are open to all UMD students.

Over 200 SunRay web stations will replace and expand beyond the old Pentium PC terminals. Approximately 120 SunRay terminals will be located in the New Library, as will more than 50 PC machines. Additionally, Sunray terminals will be located in the old library lab areas, now known as Kirby Plaza. The SBE Atrium will also hold ten SunRay terminals, and Campus Center 41 will maintain 18 PC stations.

The SunRay terminals and all basic access and full access PCs will offer the fully functional Star Office Suite platform (similar to MS Office). New 18-inch Flat-Screen monitors are available on most of the new Library SunRay stations.

High quality HP Laser printers will be available in all locations.

The Full Access labs will also see some significant changes. The main PC full access lab has moved to the New Library. The Engineering 204 PC lab will hold 5 new Group work-stations.

Both Montague 209 and 239 will see upgrades in the quality of the Macs it contains, including iMac G3 stations in both areas.

New color printers will also be used in SBE17 and the New Library lab. HP Laser printers are still available in the Full Access areas.

A map of the new locations and layout of the student computing labs will be available soon, when the final details are worked out. ITSS will let you know where to view that when it is available.

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