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For the past few years it has been apparent to ITSS that UMD would run out of phone numbers at some point during the summer of 2000. Construction and growth rapidly used the three thousand numbers we had access to, the standard 726-6000 to 726-8999 numbers.

USWest informed ITSS that there were no large blocks of 726 numbers available. Anything in the 726 range that was available was of no use to UMD because of our intricate dial plan. A new exchange was applied for and the USWest Dial Plan Group established the 788 exchange in May 2000.

New 788 numbers will replace the 726 numbers in the residence halls and apartments by September 1, 2000. This will free up roughly 1200 726 numbers for use by faculty and staff. It also allows ITSS to assign the new housing numbers in a random order. Previous number assignments were sequential, a situation which lent itself to malicious calls.

The new numbers are 788-1000 through 788-2999. The campus 4-digit dialing plan is still maintained. To reach a student in a Housing facility dial 1XXX or 2XXX. Students will still dial 6XXX, 7XXX, or 8XXX to reach faculty and staff.

One change of note, the 1XXX extensions did require a change to the voice mail system. Departments with automated attendants (those systems that prompt you to press 1 for this option, 2 for another option) should note that because of the new 1XXX personal mail boxes, all automated attendant administrative mailboxes that started with a 1 now start with a 4. Please check and update your flowcharts. If your have questions call 7939.

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