Many UMD faculty and staff have converted their home connections from modem access (through the UMD modem pool) to cable modem service (through Charter Communications) because of its increased speed and ease of use. While cable modem users are not physically on the UMD network, they can still access most UMDNet services. For example, you can telnet to bulldog/ub, you can set up a proxy server to access authenticated University web sites, and you can configure Mulberry to send and receive mail by going to this page: Using Other ISPs

As many of our customers may already know, our first attempt to establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Charter users affiliated with UMD was not entirely successful. But ITSS now has a new VPN box (a special piece of equipment that will greatly aid the process) on order and hope to receive it soon. VPN will allow you easy access to our Novell office server as well as providing better security when you connect to UMD via Charter.

ITSS will keep the campus aware of our progress on this issue, and we anticipate great things from this relativley new and powerful technology that can be so useful to many of our high-volume users.


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