ITSS has successfully added the last two caller-id T1 lines to the phone system. UMD now has 5 T1s (this means 130 channels) capable of handling inbound and local outbound traffic.

The result of this conversion is that all incoming and outgoing calls will now carry caller-id information. Users with display phones should notice the change immediately.

Sometime around the first of the year, when the final scheduled phone system upgrades are completed, caller-id will also available for analog phones with caller-id boxes. This will mainly impact residence halls and apartments. But, if anyone else in the UMD system has an analog phone this option will also be available for them.

Keep in mind, however, that you won't get caller-id information from some cellular phones or if someone is calling you from behind a phone system or central office not equipped with caller-id. In those instances you will see only the trunk number that the call is being routed over (ie. 3714-27).


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