GROUP REPLIES WITH MULBERRY (and how to avoid them)
When you reply to an email message you usually have a choice of replying just to the sender of the message or to everyone who received the message. Different email programs offer these choices in different ways.

By default, Mulberry does a "Reply to all" when you reply to a message. However, before creating the reply message, Mulberry displays a list of all the people you'll be sending the reply to and allows you to unselect some of the recipients or change whether a person is in the To:, the Cc:, or the Bcc: field.

This Mulberry feature usually prevents the inadvertent group replies that we occasionally see. It's still easy to forget to unselect the extra addresses for your reply if you're in a hurry, however, and it's also a bit of a pain to unselect all of the extra addresses if there's a very long list of them.

Here's a tip on how to do a reply only to the sender of the message without having to deal with unselecting all the other addresses. Just hold down the Option key (on the Mac) or Alt key (on Windows) when clicking on the Reply button, or add the Option or Alt key to the keyboard shortcut for Reply (Command-R on the Mac, CNTRL-R in Windows).

Although you'll probably find it more convenient to have Mulberry always offer you the choice of whom to send a reply to, it is possible to change Mulberry's preferences to work the opposite of how it does now - i.e. to only reply to the sender unless you hold down the Option or Alt key (in which case Mulberry will display the entire list of addresses).

To make this change, go to File:Preferences, switch to Advanced preferences (on the right), click on the Message tab, and in the "Allow choice of who to reply to when:" section select "When Option/Alt key is down" instead of "When Option/Alt key is not down."

To download the latest version of Mulberry visit our website for that program.


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