December 2001

The Uninterruptible Power Supply for ITSS
Several of our services are kept running because of something called an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). These units provide protection against both power line 'noise' as well as a power outage. Noise on the power line includes things that we normally notice, such as a light flicker or a brown out. An outage is just that, power drops long enough for systems that require continuous power to cease working. An outage can cause serious damage to office computers as well as the various central servers and our telephone system.

We recently replaced our 11-year old UPS system that keeps our central servers running through a power outage. We are very fortunate that emergency power is also available, and most often several of our most critical systems can continue running through an extended outage. An example was the ice storm last spring - several servers and our telephone system continued providing service during the lengthy outage that affected the UMD campus.


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