December 2001

Windows XP at UMD

Should you buy the Windows XP operating system with your new computer?
Should you upgrade your current computer to Windows XP?

Right now, Windows XP is probably a fine choice for home or office use when you have no need to interact with PeopleSoft or Novell, which we use heavily at UMD.

In our minimal testing of Windows XP we have found the interface is slightly different from Windows 2000 and takes getting used to, but it appears to be a very stable system. Windows XP and has worked well with major applications, including: Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Dreamweaver, Adobe products (Photoshop, Acrobat, Premier, Illustrator), Netscape, Norton Anti-Virus, Visual Studio, and the UMD internet software.

PeopleSoft has not yet been tested with Windows XP, so PeopleSoft users should purchase (or stay with) Windows 2000. Additionally, there is only a beta version of the Novell client available for XP at this time. There were serious problems with an early version, and ITSS is working with the current beta version to make it usable at UMD, however we are not ready to say that it is adequate for UMD Novell users. Work is progressing fairly quickly, though, and we expect to have the Novell Client software available soon.

Finally, our labs will continue to use Windows 2000 at least for this academic year, so there might be reason for faculty to use same operating system that their students access in the labs. The ITSS Classroom Support Team decided to not move to XP on our classroom computers, mostly for this reason.

As ITSS has more time to test this operating system we will post useful information on our web site and through announcements like this service.


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