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Note: Information contained in archived ITSS newsletter articles was current at the time of publication, but may not reflect the present state of technology or ITSS.

December 2002

The Purpose of eGradebook

eGradebook is a new program being developed by ITSS. It will combine the most popular features of two grade management programs that we have currently at UMD: the Unix Gradebook and Gradekeeper. Plus, it will give us functionality that is not available in either of those two programs.

Web-accessible Database
All of the grade book information will be stored in a central database that instructors and students access using a web-browser. No programs need to be downloaded or installed on your computer either to record or post grades.

Types of Information in the eGradebook
Information will be secured and access will be restricted using the x.500 username password authentication scheme. Faculty or their designated TAs will be able to access student information, configure gradebooks, and record grade information. Students will be restricted to viewing their own grades for the classes in which they are enrolled.

Student information will include their ID number, official UMD email address, and their preferred name. The email address will be a live "mail to:" link.

Each gradebook will contain information about:

  • How grades should be calculated
  • What students are registered in the class
  • Who the instructor is (& designated TAs, if applicable)
  • What optional statistics should be displayed to students and faculty

What is Displayed to Students?
Students will see a list of their courses when they first access the gradebook. For each class that has an active gradebook, there will be an active link to take the student to see the grade information.

Students will see their grade information ONLY, plus statistics regarding class performance, if chosen by the instructor

They will see their scores for each assessment, the assessment's category, and total points possible. Students will also see a breakdown by category of their performance (as a percentage and a letter grade), a cumulative score (percentage and grade), comments from the instructor made to the entire class and also individual comments entered for that student by the instructor.

What is Displayed to Faculty?
Faculty will initially see a list of courses for which they are the instructor and have the option of creating an active gradebook for each class.

Once a gradebook is started, faculty will be able to configure how it calculates grades and what statistical information will be displayed to students. They will be able to create categories of assessments and enter assessment definitions, student scores for assessments, comments to be displayed to an entire class, and comments to be displayed to a single student.

Faculty will also be able to view statistics by a class or by an assessment.

When Will eGradebook be Available?
eGradebook is currently in development and will be tested by a limited number of faculty during Spring 2003. It will be available to the campus in June 2003.

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