ITSS has begun deploying some wireless networking on campus this academic year, and we anticipate adding more to support new programs for fall 2001. We ask that all those units and individuals who are interested in wireless deployment coordinate their activities with ITSS.

Recently we have discovered that several departments have purchased Apple Airport Hubs with the intent to connect them to the UMD network to provide wireless networking services. These devices are not compliant with University networking standards and will not be allowed on our network.

University standards require that wireless networking hubs have security and authentication built into them to ensure that unauthorized persons will not be able to gain access to the University network. The Apple Airport Hubs, and many other wireless network hubs, do not meet these standards. In fact, ITSS has deployed a few Airport Hubs on campus as a pilot project. It has been our intention all along to replace them with compliant hubs as soon as these devices become available.

Many people are excited about the prospects of wireless networking, but it is important that any of you who are considering this to consult with ITSS before buying equipment. It will be essential, as we deploy wireless on campus, to place the hubs carefully so that they do not interfere with one another. In general, this type of deployment does not lend itself to everyone doing their own thing. ITSS will work with departments to ensure that our wireless deployment works for everyone. A revised policy on the network is now in draft form on the web. This policy will be reviewed, revised, and approved based on feedback from the campus community. Send your comments to Linda Deneen at ldeneen.

Wireless should be used as an extention to the wired network in areas where wiring Is not practical; it should not be used as a replacement for wired connections. While wireless is an interesting technology, wireless for the sake of wireless does not produce a high performance network. A wired connection will, in general, perform better than a wireless connection.


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