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February 2002

New Email Features
ITSS has developed a new email application to allow users to customize their email. The application can be found on the web at the ITSS Email Features Menu page.

You may use this application to set up an automatic reply to any incoming email. The auto-reply feature is also known as the vacation program. Use this feature if you expect to be unable to read email for some period of time and want to let anyone who emails you know that you are away. It will automatically send a message of your wording to people who send you email until you de-activate the feature.

You may also use this application to filter out unwanted email. Mail filters can be used to have email, from specified users or domains or with specific words in the subject, deleted or moved to other mailfolders or even re-mailed to another person just before the message is placed in your mailbox. Please take special care with this application to avoid losing important mail.

Both the automatic reply and the mail filter have special help pages within the application. Please take care to read these carefully before using these features.

Please send comments and suggestions to Melissa Jokela at (, or ext. 8468).

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