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Note: Information contained in archived ITSS newsletter articles was current at the time of publication, but may not reflect the present state of technology or ITSS.

February 2003

Web Based Email Upgrade

A new version of our web based email system has been installed for testing, and we plan on converting to the new system soon. The web based system is known as IMP and we will upgrade to version 3.1 within the first four weeks of the semester. Although the system is up now (read the login screen of the current version to find it) we have not yet moved any of your address book or other information from the old system. This data will move on the date we convert, so watch for that announcement on the IMP login web page.

This version of the IMP web mail software has several new features which allow you to define your own web mail browsing preferences plus a number of neat new add-on programs.

The Imp software has been upgraded by the Horde group.

The original address book and web mail programs have been split into separate pieces now called Imp and Turba. New products include calendar, notepad, a contact management piece, and a few other things.

At the moment we are in the testing phase of the software and we request that anyone who wishes to try out the new software do so. If you have comments about the software we ask that you send an email message to The url for the test server is, or you can get there from a link on the current IMP login page.

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