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June 2000

THANKS AND CONGRATULATIONS TO ADRIENNE DINNEEN. Adrienne has informed ITSS that she will leave the University later this summer to begin a career in education. We want to wish her the best of everything in this exciting new move, and hope you will take a few moments to do the same.
See --> Thank You and Congratulations

TECH CAMP 4 SUCCESSFULLY CONCLUDED seven days of guided instruction in late May, thanks to the ITSS staff and others that work so hard to bring this useful experience to the campus. Twenty-one faculty members participated this year, and the efforts seemed very successful.
See --> Tech Camp

SUMMER '00 TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS are now online and available for your inspection. Information Technology Systems and Services welcomes you to participate in these summer workshops, and we guarantee you just can't beat the price.
See --> Technology Workshops

WINDOWS 2000 PROFESSIONAL NOW AVAILABLE for desktop computers and ITSS has been evaluating its use on campus. Here are a few notes about what Windows 2000 Professional is and what it isn't.
See --> Windows 2000

ITSS OFFERS SIX NEW SOFTWARE PACKAGES for the campus. Office 2000, Dreamweaver 3.0, Fireworks 3.0, Flash 4, Photoshop 5.5, and SPSS 10 (for Windows) are now all available on the Novell Office server.
See --> New Software

FORWARDING YOUR EMAIL is an option that is available for any student/staff/faculty member on campus. Follow the link below to find the ITSS "email" web site (on the left side in the blue background area) entitled "forward your email". The instructions for this process are simple and easy to follow.
See --> Forwarding Email

HELP DESK FAQ AND MISSION STATEMENT and guidelines are useful tools to be familiar with when questions or problems arise. Check the web page for more details.
See --> Help Desk

CAMPUS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR PUBLISHING ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB are now available. Complete details regarding these important guidelines are listed in appropriate locations as are other useful and related ideas and links.
See --> Campus Web Publishing Policies

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