June 2001

Email Server to be Upgraded This Summer
During the summer ITSS will be upgrading the main email server to a faster machine. There are actually several computers involved with providing email access, some provide access for the various clients (Pine, Mulberry, Eudora, IMP, many others), and one that accepts and delivers incoming email. This inbound email server is the one that was unable to keep up with the load during parts of Spring 2001.

The new machine will have four central processing units instead of two, each running about 25% faster, and more central memory than the prior server. ITSS is working to reconfigure several processes such that less load will be directed to the inbound e-mail (SMTP) server. For example, mail bound for outside of the UMD campus community will be off-loaded to another server, IMP will be upgraded or replaced with a new product, and clients that ask for services such as IMAP or POP from the inbound email server will be asked to reconfigure their systems to use the IMAP or POP systems instead.

ITSS will also add two more systems to the IMAP and POP pools. This will improve response time while customers are reading and processing email.

Web service will see some improvements as well. Some suggested changes for faculty will be worked into the class alias and web authenticated services. An additional computer will be added to the pool of systems that provide web service. Since IMP performance will be enhanced this will also improve screen redraws for web customers.

ITSS staff will be installing new and faster disk space for the Novell and W2K servers. Novell customers may have seen a few messages indicating various disk volumes were full. The new disk space will eliminate this problem.

ITSS staff members are also working on network-based authentication for lab and laptop port areas. If implemented, customers will need to run a browser or similar program on their laptops to authenticate their session. Once that is done they will be able to use network services. Something very similar may be implemented in the open lab areas. More details on this change will be provided during August.

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