Beginning immediately, users can elect to upgrade their Nortel M2000 series telephones to the new M3900 series. These sets offer additional features that make them functional and valuable tools for work each day.

New features include displays, call loggers, built in directories, and many options that the user can control. Most models also include the two-way speakerphone feature. Programmable "soft-keys" also eliminate the need for ITSS staff to tag sets. This cuts installation times and lowers installation charges.

The new phone sets and lists of features can be seen at the Basic Telephone Services page. There is also a listing of cost similarities and options in comparison to the models ITSS has offered in the past located at the Telephone Upgrade Options page.

All requests for new phones or upgrades will get the new M3900 phones. Repairs to old M2000 series phones will be worked with M2000 series phones while supplies last. Customers with working M2000 series need not get a new phone unless they wish to upgrade to obtain new features.

Working sets will be on display at Techfest and many have already been installed around campus. To order one of these new phones go to the Upgrade Phone Set page.


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