Want to know how to use RealPlayer on the SunRays? Want to know how to turn up the sound on the SunRays? There are a couple of things that you can do to make these things happen.

On each of the Sunrays there is a headphone jack. The Sunrays will take any headphone set with a stero jack. To listen to a site with music or otherwise just plug the headphones into the jack, then press the Shift key and the Props key. This will pop up the Properties Window. One of the options in this window is to set the volume on the SunRay.

To run RealPlayer or to set up your Netscape to run RealPlayer 8 you will have to follow these steps.

1. Open a console session (click on the up arrow above the performance meter and select console)
2. Type in a v for the terminal type.
3. If Umenu starts up select u for 'UNIX'.
4. At the prompt enter this command 'cd /usr/local/RealPlayer8'
5. At the prompt enter this command ''
6. At the prompt enter this command ''

Start up Netscape and now you can go to all those sites with RealPlayer video and audio. Enjoy!


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