ITSS has established a strategy and preliminary rates for wireless networking deployment on campus.

ITSS will install wireless hubs upon request from customers. Customers will be expected to purchase wireless cards for their wireless devices. ITSS will recommend appropriate cards.

ITSS will charge for a wireless hub at the rate of 15 times the monthly cost of a regular wired network connection. This is based upon the assumption that each wireless hub can serve 15 simultaneous users pretty well, and that deployment of the hubs will be done with this in mind.

We will recover our cost of installation and equipment over time through this monthly charge, so there will be no initial installation charge. At present this rate is:
15 X $8.36 = $125.40 per month
We anticipate this rate to change on July 1, 2001. The estimated rate for FY 2002 is:
15 X $7.75 = $116.25
This estimated rate may change when we receive more information on the rates for Internet access from Networking and Telecommunications Services at UMTC.

At ITSS we have had considerable discussion about whether to charge for wireless by the wireless device or by the hub. For the time being, we have decided to charge by the hub, because it is simpler and because our primary customers are collegiate units who want to provide wireless access for students. Charging per wireless device may be a fairer model in the long run, so we may need to change to this model in the future.


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