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Note: Information contained in archived ITSS newsletter articles was current at the time of publication, but may not reflect the present state of technology or ITSS.

March 2003

PeopleSoft Tools Client Update

With PeopleSoft V8 up and running, the old PeopleSoft 7.6 client software should be uninstalled from most computers (a few people will continue to map to the PS-WEST Tools Server as the O: drive and will need to keep the client software). The 7.6 Tools Servers will be kept on-line through Friday, March 14th so customers can complete the uninstall. After that date the Tools Servers will be taken offline, and you will no longer be able to run the automatic uninstall process.

If you have a personal Novell account on the UMD Office Server (UMD-IS3), ITSS will be updating your account to automatically uninstall the PS 7.6 client and unmap the "Apps on Umd-Pstools: T" drive. This process will take place during the week of March 10.

If you do not have a personal Novell account (you login using the "Guest" account), you will need to manually uninstall the client software, following the directions below. You should also contact ITSS to uninstall the Novell client software, as you will no longer need it on your computer.

If you have questions about whether or not you have a personal Novell account, or about uninstalling the Novell client, please contact the ITSS Help Desk (ext. 8847). If you are unsure whether you need the PS 7.6 Client, please contact Jackie Carlson (ext. 8799).

1. Uninstall the PeopleSoft 7.6 client software:

  • Select "Start - Programs - PeopleSoft - Uninstall Workstation".
  • You may get a warning message about the process removing all entries. Select "Yes" to proceed with the uninstall.
  • At the end of the uninstall, you should get the message "PeopleSoft Registry Entries, Cache Files, and Shortcut Links Removed." Click on "OK" to finish.

2. Delete any PS version 7.6 shortcuts on the desktop.

3. Delete the C:\user\crw directory (this was used for PeopleSoft Crystal Reports):

  • Open Windows Explorer (usually "Start - Programs - Windows Explorer", or "Start - Programs - Accessories - Windows Explorer")
  • Click on the "+" sign next to each of the following:
    • My Computer
    • Local Disk (C:)
  • Highlight and delete the "c:\user\crw" directory

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